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Poker Night

It wasn't until last year that I even heard of Texas Hold'em. I wasn't a big poker fan. I didn't really understand the game, or knew how it was played. I thought only "party-college guys" and "biker guys" played poker. I am not either.

But since last year, I've played 4 games (including last night). First game, I came 3rd out 10 breaking even money wise. Second game, I came 1st out of 5 winning $60 or so. Third game, I lost $20. Last night, I got the best cards I've ever seen anyone play - and won $100. I can see how this game can get addictive. There were much better poker players at the table last night then me. But, I learned that I would rather be a below-average poker player (like me) with really good cards, then a really good poker player with below-average cards.

Thought: What web site offers people the ability to subscribe to my blog? Why would anyone care?

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