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My Tivo! The SD-H400.

For the past couple years we've owned this amazing Tivo dvr, made by Toshiba. It was one of the fist Tivo units to include a progressive scan DVD player. It has only 80 hours of recording, but that's just about right for us. One of the amazing things every Tivo 2 has is internet capabilities. For instance, through our Tivo we connect to our computer to access music (mp3's) and pictures.

Our Tivo recordings include The Simpsons, Scrubs, CSI, Calliou, and Lost...among others. We also subscribed to Live365 internet music service, which is also available through Tivo. Every Tivo 2 can access a variety of internet services like podcasts, weather, and Yahoo! photos.

I Love Our Tivo.

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