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.NET Rocks (pronounced "dot net rocks") is a web site "slash" internet radio show that talks about all things related to Microsoft's .NET platform. Most computer programmers know what .NET is, and what it is used for. I use .NET at work to write XML based web services in c# - which is another thing all together. Anywayz, .NET Rocks broadcasts a 1hr. show about geeky/nerdy computer stuff. It is awesome! Each week, I end up burning the entire show on CD and listening to it while in the van.

On one of their recent shows, they talked about a website called csszengarden. http://www.csszengarden.com/ is a web site written in pure XHTML with all presentation formatted by an external style-sheet. The owner of the site challenged web designers to change the entire look of the site by re-writing ONLY the style-sheet and NOT the XHTML source code. There's a number of things that are kewl about this. You can write your website in XHTML, and change the entire "look-and-feel" of the site by modifying the style-sheet without having to change the XHTML source code. There's a bunch of highly-creative people out there - I just wish I was one of them.

I still love this stuff. Oh well .... I'm geeky. I know.

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