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Steve takes trip to NYC

Ameritas sent me and another web developer (Larry) to New York City for 1 week of software training in August. It was during the week of the 'blackout 2003'. I took a number of pictures from the time I spent site see-ing.

On Sunday, I arrived in Newark, NJ and took a cab to New York City. I checked into the "Holiday Inn Wall Street". That night, I saw Time Square and the World Trade Center site.

On Monday, I started class, saw the Brookyln Bridge, and took pictures of the Statue of Liberty at night.

On Tuesday, I went to the top of the Empire State Building. I also got to visit B&H Photo - - which is an awsome audio/video store in NYC.

On Wednesday, I went to Staten Island and cruised around the Statue of Liberty. That day I took 119 pictures.

On Thursday (BLACKOUT day), I ate at a restraunt named 'Nebraska'. I got on the ferry to go out to the Statue of Liberty; but got kicked off when the power went out. But I did get on a harbor cruise ship which went around the statue. I didn't get to go anywhere else. The entire subway system was shut down.

On Friday (day after BLACKOUT), the city was still at a stand-still. Hardly anything was open. Most of NY was still out of power. I was able to get in my hotel room the night before. But had to sleep without any air conditioning or water. I did get to see the NY stock exchange guarded heavily, subway entrances locked, huge buildings without power, and stores that were (normally open 24x7) closed. I did get a picture with Homer Simpson.

On Saturday, I left New York and (due to a late plane take-off) stayed in St. Louis Saturday night. I didn't take any pictures there. I didn't have my luggage. It was at the airport. It made for an interesting day. The $35 room in St. Louis was BIGGER then the Wall Street District hotel room I had in NYC.